America's Voice | Hyundai, Honda, and Mercedes: Put the Brakes on Hate

Put the Brakes on Hate

Martin Luther King, Jr once said that "the greatest tragedy was not the strident clamor of bad people, but the appalling silence of good people." Hyundai, Honda, and Mercedes have the power to change history when it comes to Alabama's anti-immigrant law, HB 56. Auto manufacturing is one of the most important industries in Alabama; lawmakers would scramble to repeal the law if car companies were to really put their foot down about it.

But when civil rights groups—representing demographics the car companies market to heavily—reached out to Hyundai, Honda, and Mercedes for help overturning HB 56, they refused. They said it wasn't their problem.

Hyundai, Honda, and Mercedes to put the brakes on hate -- HB 56 is their problem too.

To: Hyundai, Honda, and Mercedes

Auto companies like Hyundai have serious influence in Alabama. If Hyundai were to turn against destructive laws like HB 56—which has split up immigrant families and cost the state millions in economic output—Alabama's legislature would seriously reconsider the law.

Last week a delegation of civil rights and labor leaders went all the way to South Korea to urge Hyundai to take a stand. We need their help to repeal HB 56 — but first, we need your help to tell them to join our fight.

@Hyundai has the political power in AL to help repeal #HB56. Tell them to take a stand #immigration #p2 #crisisAL