Stop the Deportation of Maria and Heriberto Arreola

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On January 10, DREAM Activist Erika Andiola and her family were at home spending time with each other when immigration authorities showed up at her door and handcuffed her mother and brother. Erika asked the officer if he had a warrant and why they were taking her family. He answered that they were undocumented and had to go.

Erika and her younger brother were left alone in the living room, forcibly separated from their closest family.

Erika leads immigrant youth nationwide; her story and activism are well-known. Recently, President Obama and ICE announced they would not deport individuals without a criminal record, but families like hers are still being torn apart every day.

Maria and Heriberto Arreola remain at risk of being swept into deportation proceedings at any moment – a risk made greater in a post SB 1070 Arizona.

Use this form to send a message to President Obama and AZ ICE authorities to grant them deferred action status.
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