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On Wednesday, April 25th, the Supreme Court will decide the fate of SB 1070. Their decision will demonstrate whether we as a country are moving forward -- or slipping back into our troubled past.

By striking down SB 1070, the Court will insure that immigration is dealt with as a federal issue -- where rights of immigrants can be protected from anti-immigrant leaders like Joe Arpaio and Jan Brewer.

But unfortunately, as we've seen with cases like Citizens United, the current Supreme Court has shown a propensity to act politically. Instead of pursuing things like truth and justice, the Court has been divided by political lines.

That's why we're starting a SB 1070 Rapid Response Team. We need to make sure we win in the court of public opinion.

Our SB 1070 Rapid Response Team will respond to anti-immigrant leaders in the media.

Over the next few months, coverage of the Supreme Court's decision about SB 1070 will dominate the press. During this time, we'll need to make sure the truth about SB 1070 is known.

If the Court sides with Arizona, it will be nothing short of devastating.

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