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Governor Brown,
Sign the TRUST Act

While extremists in Arizona have passed laws that make a suspect out of anyone who looks “foreign,” California is poised to take a different approach. If the TRUST Act becomes law, California would set a new bar as a state where immigrants stopped for a broken taillight or for selling tamales on the street won’t automatically be put into deportation.

The TRUST Act would maintain immigration holds for those convicted of a serious felony, but mothers and fathers who get picked up for minor reasons wouldn’t have to worry about ending up in immigration detention or deportation. Think of all those families who won’t have to live in constant fear of the police!

The TRUST Act has already passed the California legislature. Now, all eyes are on Gov. Jerry Brown.

Ask Governor Brown to sign the TRUST Act today.

To: Governor Jerry Brown

Help us keep trivial arrests from putting ppl into dprtation. Ask @JerryBrownGov to sign #TRUSTAct #immigration